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Differin is an up-to-date medical product which is used for the treatment of acne eruption and comedone. Differin has been produced recently and having a strong pharmacological action it already increased its reputation on the pharmaceutical market. Differin helps to quickly remove acne and comedone of any severity. Differin regulates the process of appearance of comedones and removes inflammatory processes preventing pustules.

According to the results of numerous clinical studies the pharmacological effect of Differin has been approved by the USA department and permitted for sale. Before official approval of Differin sales it was difficult to find a place where to buy Differin. Today, the question Where to buy Differin is solved because now the process of buying of Differin is easier than it was earlier.

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Action of Differin

The pharmacological effect of Differin becomes apparent on the first day of the use of the drug. As Differin belongs to the drugs for the treatment of acne eruption of the new generation its pharmacological effect differs from previous medical products which used for the treatment of acne eruption.

Differin binds to cells receptors of the outer protective layer of the skin in contrast to previous medications which has a wide effect on the skin. Differin regulates the activity of the skin cells and normalizes the process of keratinization of the tissue and deposits of keratin in cells. This process reduces preconditions for the development of comedones.

Differin shows an active effect on the closed and opened comedones and it also prevents the development of microcomedone due to which the process of the treatment occurs more effectively as new focus of inflammation does not occur.

The most effective pharmacological action of Differin occurs in the treatment of acne eruption and comedones of light and middle severity. To treat severe forms of acne Differin can be used in combination with drugs of strong actions.

Use of Differin

Differin is released in the form of cream and gel. The production of different medical forms is conditioned by different types of the skin. Differin cream is indicated for sensitive and dry skin. Differin gel is for oily and combination skin.

Before taking Differin it is recommended to consult a health care provider. Only professional can indicate the most effective directions for the treatment by Differin. Depending on severity of the disease you will need personal recommendations for the use of Differin.

Differin is used once a day applying cream/gel to the affected skin. Before using Differin you should wash your skin with warm water and dry it by the towel. Using Differin avoid eye and lips contact.

The results of Differin will be apparent in 4-8 weeks. If it is necessary the length of the course of treatment can be 3 months.

Side effects of Differin

The side effects of Differin may appear only at the beginning of the drug usage. The side effects of Differin are itching, redness, and sloughing of the skin. However, in most cases, the use of Differin does not cause any side effects and the use is good and easy.

The side effects may appear because of the excessive applying of Differin to the skin. So you should distribute cream/gel of Differin evenly and avoid the overdose.

During the use of Differin it is necessary to follow a wide range of recommendations which will help to improve the effectiveness and safety of the drug usage. It is not recommended to be in the sun or tanning bed for a long time because irritation may occur.

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