Elimite Cream


Elimite is anti-parasite medical drug for destroying of ectoparasites including scabies mite. It acts by acute insecticidal, acaricidal, anti-pediculosis and antiscabietic action.

This drug is derivative from drug Permethrin by name which is main active substance. Mechanism of action is characterized by attack of central neural system of parasites that leads to paralyzing effect and destroyed all microorganisms. It quickly and easy penetrates in all areas of organisms, contributing of parasite oppression on broad level.

Elimite is effective in treatment of: nits, larvae and mature specimens of head and pubic lice, fleas, ticks (including scabies) and other ectoparasites of arthropods of the family.

Drug has high pharmacological safety and less toxic for human.

Indications for use:

  • Head lice in adults and children older than 1 year
  • Scabies
  • pubic lice
  • Hanging pediculosis
  • various premises pest control against
  • heflightless synanthropic arthropods: cockroaches,bedbugs, fleas, ants, and rat scabies mites, lice.

Recommendations for use:

For treatment of scabies, Elimite cream is better suits for such diseases, because cream base doesn't influence on skin surface, doesn't provoke allergic reaction and quickly is absorbed without living spots on clothes.

For destroying of scabies mite, Elimite Cream is required to carefully rub in skin surface of upper extremities of body and then down extremities during 3 days in a row. Skin of face, neck and hairy part of the head are not handled. On 4th day patient must take a shower and to manage changing of underwear and bed linen.

10 days after ending of first treatment course, it is required to pass analyzes in result of which doctor will identify, if really eggs of larva are destroyed. In case of need is organized one more 4 days therapy.

Measures of precaution:

  • In time of drug applying, it is needed to avoid the contact of remedy with mucous membranes of eyes, nose, mouth, external genital organs.
  • If you have allergy on Permethrin or on some others substances included in drug's contain it is better to stop treatment course.
  • Drug is forbidden to use by children until the age of 1, pregnant women, and also in case of skin diseases.

Side effects:

Most often side effects which can appear in result of treatment are feelings of burning, stinging or tingling, numbness of the skin, increased itching, and allergic reactions. For prevention of side effects, it is required to follow all measures of precaution and don't apply drug by thick layer to avoid overdose.